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Garlic Quality and Yield: effects of sulphur

Quality of garlic depends on allicin and other sulphur containing compounds. What is the optimum sulphur fertilisation for better quality and higher yield? Researchers from two ICAR organisations in Pune investigate. Read more for the results.

LIGO overcomes seismic noise

LIGO can detect gravitational waves caused by celestial events millions of kilometres away. But quakes caused by events a few kilometres under the earth can mess up the results. Read on to see how scientists overcame the problem.

Monsoon Revival Over India Skipping North India?

Monsoon over India has seen a revival after 2000. But Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are left out. Why? Ramesh Kumar Yadav and Roxy Mathew Koll from the IITM Pune say that the answer may lie in the warming of eastern equatorial Indian Ocean and Rossby gyres.

Targeting Salmonella in the era of drug resistance

Pune University researchers identify six drug targets for treating antibiotic resistant salmonella

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