News related to Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture and Medicine in India


We have been running Science Last Fortnight, a column to report scientific research in India, in the multidisciplinary journal, Current Science, from March 2016 to April 2020. The column was relaunched after a short break due to COVID-19 as Current Science Reports from June 2020.

From August 2018, another column titled Lab to Land was started in Kerala Karshakan, an e-journal published by the Farm Information Bureau of Kerala State. The column was discontinued after a year.

This site provides stories that have not appeared in either, for the benefit of media houses in India.

STEAMindiaReports provides tips on news stories related to advances in Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Medicine and other areas relevant to the readers of  your news outlet.

  • We exclusively report research by scientists in India to balance lack of coverage of important Indian research news by international agencies.
  • We only report research published in peer reviewed journals.
  • Our reporters are mostly PhDs and some are Masters in various scientific disciplines, trained to write science for non-specialists.
  • The reports are sent to the scientists concerned for validation before publication on STEAMindiaReports.

These reports can feed your media channel. You could also use them as tips and cover the story in greater detail.

  1. If you are using the story as such, please provide a by-line for our reporter and the reference of the journal source.
  2. If you take the story as cue and send a reporter to cover the story in more detail, please tell us. We would like to know when we are being useful. If you credit SiR for inputs in such cases, we would be delighted.

Contact us at: and register for your daily feed of breakthroughs in Indian Science.

If you would like longer stories, or 3 or 4 stories combined for a weekly column, or stories related exclusively to health or agriculture or any other specific area of news coverage, or want stories of scientists in a specific city, please tell us.

For example, we supply research news related to agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and forestry, in a column titled Lab to Land, to Kerala Karshakan, an e-journal published in English and a magazine published in Malayalam.

Try us out.

Only for Indian scientists

Here is an opportunity to get your work featured in our columns.

Write to us with a copy of your publication as soon as it is accepted in a peer reviewed scientific journal, listed in the Web of Science.

We will write a report and bounce it off on you to validate it before publishing.

We have a system of embargo for publishing our reports. The report on your paper will be made public only after your paper is published.

We offer editing services for your reviews and papers, too. But we prefer to train you to write better, instead.

For workshops on Science Writing, visit

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