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Rice Plant Disease: Automatic identification

March 7, 2022

Some diseases of rice can destroy 80% of the crop. Timely detection of the diseases can save farmers from economic ruin. Researchers from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have now developed a method to automatically detect three common rice diseases. Read on for details.

Detecting Road Damage: Using smartphone images

A smartphone on a vehicle windshield picks up an image of damaged road, geotags and sends them to cloud storage. An algorithm classifies the damage, alerts authorities to take action. Future of road maintenance technology from IIT Roorkee.

Mercury and Methylmercury: detect and discriminate

Mercury in the environment is dangerous to human health. Methyl mercury is even more so. Nilanjan Dey from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad has designed a cost effective and highly sensitive method to detect both.

Chitosan Properties: source matters

More than two decades ago, a team from CSIR-NCL started inquiring into the basic science of the felicity of fungi to shift forms between yeast and hyphae. Now they are homing in on applications. Here are the details of the first one.

Dealing with Dyes: Fungi to the rescue

Lakshmi Tiwari and Barkha Sharma from the G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar have come up with a cute solution to water pollution by the dangerous dye, Congo red: agar plugs containing mycelia of the fungus, Penicillium crustosum.

Microplastics in Ballast Water: saving the seas

To stabilise ships in oceans, water is pumped in or out of the ballast depending on the other loads on the ship. If the water being pumped out is filtered ships can save the oceans from the emerging microplastic pollution, say Indian scientists.

Speech Signals: biomarkers for heart failure

Madhu Keerthana from IIT Kharagpur and collaborators from Finland have come up with an automated system to identify heart problems from speech signals of patients. A medical technology in the making.

Wastewater Reuse: Decentralising treatment plants

Centralised water treatment plants in urban areas have high cost of maintenance. Researchers from IIT Madras have now come up with a solution: an optimised network of grey water and wastewater treatment plants. A must read for municipal authorities.

Jaggery-infused Coconut Chips: Healthier snack

What do you do when you have a bumper harvest of coconuts and the price in the market goes down? Make sweet, crisp coconut chips that can be preserved packaged and sold, say ICAR scientists. Here is the method.

Protecting Rubberwood Furniture: Bio-synthesized nanoparticles

Protecting furniture from fungal attacks, especially in monsoon, is a problem. It becomes more acute if the wood used is from the rubber tree. Scientists from the Institute of Wood Science and Technology now offer a solution.

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