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Rice and Fodder Intercropping: Improving yield and income sustainability

March 5, 2022

Marginal farmers cultivating rice in rainfed areas of Odisha will have better yield and income stability if they intercrop rice with leguminous crops such as cowpea or ricebean, say researchers in Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology. Read more for details.

Mercury and Methylmercury: detect and discriminate

Mercury in the environment is dangerous to human health. Methyl mercury is even more so. Nilanjan Dey from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad has designed a cost effective and highly sensitive method to detect both.

Spontaneous Abortions: Chlamydia and microRNAs 

Infection by Chlamydia trachomatis, a bacteria, can cause recurrent spontaneous abortions. Sangita Rastogi and team, ICMR-NIP, New Delhi recently identified two biomarkers in urine that signal the possibility of spontaneous abortion. Read on for details.

Spousal Violence Affects Reproductive Health

Violence against wives is very high in some Indian states. Researchers from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai find that it has serious consequences for maternal health and pregnancy outcomes. Read more for details.

Dealing with Dyes: Fungi to the rescue

Lakshmi Tiwari and Barkha Sharma from the G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar have come up with a cute solution to water pollution by the dangerous dye, Congo red: agar plugs containing mycelia of the fungus, Penicillium crustosum.

Acrobatics of the Indian Roller: A birdbrained ballet! 

What in the brains of male Indian roller birds make them fly so high only to shriek and fall rolling while in flight? Researchers from Allahabad University provide an answer: the seasonal changes in a part of the hippocampus in the bird’s brain.

Black Hole Eats Neutron Star: Gravitational wave ripples through laser beams on earth

Within the last five years, gravitational observatories have reported detecting a few dozen gravitational wave events in the universe. Here is a report on two such events caused by coalescing of black hole and neutron star.

Tobacco Smoking: Death and disease burden

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. But how many people actually die due to smoking related diseases? What is the magnitude of disability caused by smoking? Researchers from India collaborate with researchers worldwide to inquire.

Heat loving Bacteria from the Himalayas: Breaking cellulose

Researchers from the CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology have isolated a heat loving bacteria from the cold Pangi Valley of the Himalayas. The ability of the strain to break down cellulose very rapidly will find many industrial applications.

Protecting Rubberwood Furniture: Bio-synthesized nanoparticles

Protecting furniture from fungal attacks, especially in monsoon, is a problem. It becomes more acute if the wood used is from the rubber tree. Scientists from the Institute of Wood Science and Technology now offer a solution.

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