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Rice and Fodder Intercropping: Improving yield and income sustainability

March 5, 2022

Marginal farmers cultivating rice in rainfed areas of Odisha will have better yield and income stability if they intercrop rice with leguminous crops such as cowpea or ricebean, say researchers in Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology. Read more for details.

Cyclone Intensity: eddies, heat potential, and more

When cyclones pass over eddies formed by ocean currents, energy can be transferred between eddies and cyclones. Researchers from IIT Bhubaneswar investigate the dynamics of 60 cyclones from Indian Ocean to elicit the relationships between cyclones and eddies.

Extracting Potash from Mica Scrap Using Lime Mud 

Researchers from the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhubaneshwar report a method to use scrap mica and slime mud, a solid waste from paper industries to produce the much needed potash for agriculture.

Carbon Sequestration for Coal-based Power Plants

Coal based power plants generate huge amounts of carbon dioxide. What steps can the power plants take to reach zero emission standards? Scientists from NIT Rourkela show the way.

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