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No Tilling, No Burning: For sustainable soil health 

March 3, 2022

In the rice-wheat cycle practiced by farmers in North-West India, crop residue is burnt, creating pollution and reducing soil productivity. It is possible to have three crops per year if conservation agriculture is practiced by farmers in the region, say ICAR scientists.

Transportation Stress in Goats: jaggery and vitamin C to rescue

When transporting goats in vehicles to markets or to abattoirs, they undergo severe stress. Vitamin C and jaggery can help maintain the quality of goats at such times, say researchers from NDRI, Karnal and SKUAST-Kashmir.

Mathematics of Romance

Indian researchers create mathematical model of romantic love and interpersonal relationships using fractional calculus.

Iron Deprivation: Combating tuberculosis

Researchers from Amity University, Gurgaon and AIIMS New Delhi have found another kink in the armour of tuberculosis bacteria.

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