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Gondwana Sandstones of Arunachal

October 12, 2020 • Assam, Earth Sciences

Researchers from the Dibrugarh University and the Geological Survey of India dig up the past history of the Gondwana sandstones in Arunachal Pradesh. They enquire into the conditions when these sandstones were deposited.

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Salinity Tolerant Pearl Millet: Role of MicroRNA


Pearl millet is more tolerant to soil salinity than most other crops. Scientists from ICRISAT Hyderabad along with researchers from other parts of the world have now started uncovering the secrets of the success of survival of the crop under salinity. One more step towards sustainable agriculture under the threat of increasing soil salinity.

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Dairy Wastewater to Power: Microbial fuel cells


Instead of polluting environment, diary wastewater can be used for electricity generation, say researchers from NIT Agarthala. Read on.

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Elemental Carbon: Air quality indicator?


Aerosols of two and half and ten micrometres are considered as measures of air pollution.  The proportion of elemental carbon in the aerosols that gets deposited in lungs may also need to be included, argue scientists.

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Diesel and Petrol Blend: cleaner combustion and more efficiency


To achieve reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and increased load carrying capacity of compression ignition engines, Devendra Deshmukh and Vasudev D Chaudhari from IIT Indore suggest blending of diesel and petrol.

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Priming Seeds to Reduce Arsenic Toxicity


Priming seeds with 2-oxoglutarate, a intermediate between carbohydrate and protein metabolic pathways, alleviate the symptoms of arsenic toxicity and reduces accumulation of arsenic in plants. Researchers from Allahabad provide evidence.

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Photonic Crystal to Diagnose Malaria


Diagnosing malaria is difficult because there are different Plasmodium species producing wide variations in symptoms. And blood smear test often gives false negatives. Researchers from three colleges in Bikaner have now come up with a new faster and more accurate, diagnostic tool.

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